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Drug Rehab

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Orange County Drug Rehab

When drug addiction happens, it is a serious problem affecting the overall quality of life for both the addict and their friends and family. At Lighthouse Treatment Center, we offer drug addiction treatment programs ranging from detoxification to an intensive, residential psycho-therapeutic program geared towards addressing the symptoms and the causes of addiction.

Overcoming drug addiction can seem impossible and extremely overwhelming, but sobriety and recovery is truly possible at Lighthouse Treatment Center. Our professionally trained staff are equipped to specifically address drug addiction and help overcome symptoms and causes in a safe and comfortable environment. All of our drug rehab programs are located on our modern Orange County Campus.

What Is Drug Addiction?

Although drug use often starts out as a seemingly harmless and voluntary act, it most definitely can develop into a compulsive and dangerous habit that the individual cannot stop on his or her own. It begins by using drugs to minimize emotional or physical pain, sometimes just plain boredom is the motivating factor.  As usage continues over a prolonged period of time, it can develop into drug addiction, having a severe impact on an individual’s brain chemistry. When there are cravings and signs coming from the body and the brain that there is an intense physical need to continue the use of drugs, a recreational habits becomes an urge that controls an entire life.

The Effects of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction, if left unchecked or untreated, can result in diminished health, estrangement of loved ones, and job or home loss. Although drugs might offer short term relief, prolonged drug use only aggravates an individual’s problems due to the fact that the root cause was never addressed.

In additional to economic consequences, drug addiction can lead to a number of mental and physical disorders. When addiction is left untreated, excessive drug use will persist despite its overwhelming and demoralizing results on the user and their families.

When it gets to the point of the addict realizing their unhealthy and unhappy condition of living, as well as the negative impact their lifestyle has had on others around them, it is at that time the addict may be willing seek help.

Your recovery, or that of your loved one, can start today by calling our Orange County Drug Rehab at (855) 934-1100.

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