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Lighthouse Treatment Center offers a contemporary approach to recovery from alcoholism. We recognize the necessity of treating the underlying issues from a psychological perspective, combining this with time-tested methods such as 12 step programs, and creating a synergy between these with a holistic approach to the individual.

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Our Detox

We offer a state licensed 3-10 day detox program. Our professionally trained staff will help you through your drug or alcohol detox, providing a comfortable, medically supervised process from start to finish. Our program puts your comfort and safety first, providing you with the support you will need to detox from drugs and alcohol successfully.

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Drug Addiction

At Lighthouse Treatment Center we specialize in treatment of addiction for the entire spectrum of drugs that are abused in our contemporary society. Our nationally renowned clinical team has experience with treating addiction to all types of substances, while at the same time recognizing the unique nature of each individual client.

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Lighthouse Treatment Center Success Stories

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The ULTIMATE in treatment centers. I’ve struggled with alcohol for over 40 years. Lost both parents to the disease, and it tried hard to take me too. Thanks to the lighthouse and the exceptional staff, I now have another chance at life. People come here from all across the globe, and now I know why. Thank you lighthouse staff; for saving my life!
Vincent M.

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Orange County Treatment Center

Our clinical team are committed to treating each client with respect and are receptive to each clients’ individual needs. We offer treatment programs that are abstinence based and provide a comprehensive slate of services, such as individual therapy, group counseling, drug and alcohol educational groups, and an introduction to 12-step programs. Our program encourages family involvement and provides additional family therapy options and support.

Lighthouse Treatment Center implements a holistic approach to recovery by treating the mind, body, and soul. Our treatment perspective promotes a healthy diet prepared daily, daily physical fitness sessions, and weekly spiritual growth opportunities. In addition guided yoga, meditation, hiking trips in Southern California’s beautiful natural areas, and trips to the areas world-famous beaches are available during a client’s stay.

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Lighthouse Treatment Center Overview Video

Co-Founders Peter and Tim provide a comprehensive overview of our program and facilities. Our Southern California Treatment Center is your best choice for affordable, comfortable, and effective addiction rehab.

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Lighthouse Addiction Recovery News

The latest information on recovery, addiction, and treatment options.

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How Do I Deal with My Emotions if I’m Sober?

September 13, 2017 -

Dealing With Emotions During Recovery Emotions, especially strong and unpleasant ones like grief, guilt, shame, and anger, are difficult to deal with for most of us. For a person in recovery, it can be even harder to cope with emotions of any kind. While there are numerous reasons and motivations behind addiction, many people with alcohol problems use it to self-medicate. This means that when you feel sad or angry or stressed, you’re more likely […]

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Alcoholism and Genetics: What you Need to Know

September 5, 2017 -

Most of us know something about genetics – how DNA from parents will pass on to their children. That’s why someone with brown eyes is likely to produce children with brown eyes, and someone who is short will likely have short children. Most of us know that the inheritance of genetic traits goes on to affect genetic disorders, diseases like Alzheimer’s, and even a person’s risk of getting diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. But, how […]

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7 Tips for Staying Positive in Recovery

August 30, 2017 -

I got sober for one reason, and one reason only – to get my kid back. Having the most important person in my life be my recovery focus is what got me through the process. I currently have shared custody with my ex. Happily ever after, right? Well, not exactly. While I was and am eternally grateful and equally ecstatic over being reunited with my little girl, I still missed getting high. Instead of getting […]

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