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Testimonials from actual clients of our highly regarded Orange County Detox and Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Center. This could be YOUR story. Contact us today to begin you journey of recovery. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your recovery, or that of your loved one, can start today by calling our Orange County Drug and Alcohol Rehab at (855) 934-1100.

Sherwin is a Lighthouse Treatment Center Alumnus and in this video he conveys his story of addiction and how coming into treatment at The Lighthouse has brought him lasting recovery.

David, a Lighthouse Treatment Center Alumnus, describes his journey from addiction to recovery how The Lighthouse has changed his life.

Lighthouse Treatment Center Success Stories

Thank you all for continuing to show up when the whole world is at a virtual standstill. You're willingness to still go to work every day shows the clients just how important they are. You are impacting their lives in so many positive ways. Thank you to your families for sharing you with us. I know with all the craziness out there, it can't be easy for them to let you leave your homes every day. You are appreciated! Not just today, always. Thank you for all you do! - Tara Gibson

Dear Lighthouse staff,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation for you all suiting up and showing up to do your jobs and being there for the clients. It’s not easy times for many but you guys do a wonderful & spectacular job at what you all do. You guys really came through for me and made my time in treatment a great time and I’m truly grateful for you all. I really appreciate your care and professionalism & your everyday efforts to keep us safe thank you for being so selfless & courageous.


Yours sincerely,
Brenda R.


What an amazing program, they don’t treat you like cattle.. this is where you send people you love. - Cheree

I finally got sober at the L.H. because of the support from other women & the exceptional staff! I thank God in my prayers for pointing me in the right direction. - Kim

After trying many options to stop drinking, I went to the Lighthouse treatment. I received the best support, treatment and care ever. I strongly recommend this facility. Thanks to all the staff. - Jose S.

The ULTIMATE in treatment centers. I’ve struggled with alcohol for over 40 years. Lost both parents to the disease, and it tried hard to take me too. Thanks to the lighthouse and the exceptional staff, I now have another chance at life. People come here from all across the globe, and now I know why. Thank you lighthouse staff; for saving my life! - Vincent M.

When I got to the Lighthouse I was broken but the staff pushed me to stay and continue working on my recovery. It has been the best decision I ever made in my life. I’ve gained so much here mentally, physically and spiritually. Not only am I sober for multiple years but I have a strong group of friends and a strong community through the alumni program. I was also shown that you could recover through a 12 step program which has given me so much spiritually. I have regained my confidence, my energy and given a new outlook on life. The groups and therapy always got to the core of my issues and the community is so strong that talking to your fellows is easy and actually encouraged. I have been shown so much love here and I am eternally grateful for the lighthouse. - Charles C.

The lighthouse excels in every aspect I’ve been to three rehabs and the lighthouse is by far the best one. The staff and service is amazing. - JTS

Loved the staff. Nice facility. I would totally recommend this to a friend. - DF

Compassionate friendly staff. Very clean and well organized. Great place to begin the road to recovery, experienced, kind and compassionate staff. Great food, exercise program and beautiful facility. - TSB

Strengths include strong Support Staff, Client Care, Discharge Planning, Family Therapy. Great 12 Step knowledge Assessing Dual diagnosis clients. a clinical psychologist should meet with clients post intake. One of the top rehabs in California. If help is sought help is granted. Offers many options when leaving as well tremendous support and counseling while in treatment. - JPM

I spent 90 days at the light house after haven been in four other treatment centers before. By far light house has one of the best programs I have been to. The staff is bar none; specifically my counselor. She always had my best interest in mind, advocated for me, went above and beyond, and was well versed. She is one of the best counselors I have had the privilege of working with and was instrumental in my recovery and staying 90 days. My therapist was excellent in addressing all of my issues and was easy to work with. I can attest to the amazing program the light house offers and feel confident in my recovery as a direct result of the program. I would recommended it to any and everyone. The cooking was amazing. The cook cooked 5 star meals that never disappointed. One guy on the support staff, has a working knowledge of the big book and truly helps saving peoples lives. All of them, along with the footwork I have done are responsible for helping me become the man I am today. Life is up hill from here today, thank you the light house. I will never forget my past or where I once was. - Gabe

I had a life changing experience that i didn’t think would happen i’d recommend anyone that wants to come into rehab try this program best time I’ve ever had in rehab life changing. - SKP

Very knowledgeable, friendly, and caring staff. Beautiful clean facility. Amazing food and accommodations. This place will save your life!! - Gina

Lighthouse is one of the best programs that I have ever seen. Client care and well being comes first and foremost always, the entire staff has incredible compassion for all who come in for help. It’s amazing to see a person come in broken and complete the program, walking out tall and proud. I can’t put into words, how proud I am to be a part of this life saving program. - Anonymous

Lighthouse helped repair the damage my addiction caused with their family program. The therapy sessions help. If you think there’s no change and the bridges have been burned, try their family counseling sessions. Miracles happen there. - Anonymous

Just wanted to say hello and say thank for all your help in my recovery. Since I left on November 23rd I have been completely sober and am on day 83 of sobriety. - Anonymous

Not sure how many check in after leaving the Lighthouse to update but thought I would drop a note. I was well on my way to an early grave when I first stepped foot in there but thanks to your staff and the loving support of my family and employers I am on my way to hopefully being a lifelong success story. - Anonymous

I attend AA meetings regularly and have made many new friends in the community and have a support system that (feel can help for years to come. Please thank Gloria and Kelly in particular ag they helped me dig a little deeper and get to the root of the problem. I am back at work. Back to being a father, brother and son. And I can’t get enough of people telling me how great I look compared to that zombie that got dropped off at your doorsteps just 83 days ago. - Anonymous

I got a message from Jo to call Tammy your alumni coordinator on Tuesday. l will give Tammy a call shortly. I would say I miss seeing you guys regularly but that would be a complete lie. I like going to Walmart without a clip boarded escort. Kidding aside. Once again to you and to your entire staff for, no lie, the part you played in saving my life… thank you. - Anonymous