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Cocaine Detox

What You Need to Know About Cocaine Detox

Cocaine is a stimulant drug abused by an estimated 1.5 million people in the United States, many of whom suffer from substance dependency. Our Orange County Detox at Lighthouse Recovery offers everything you or your loved one needs to get clean with mental, physical, and emotional support from a credentialed clinical team. Our holistic approach helps to tackle the emotional, mental, and physical challenges of cocaine detox to speed up the process and move each client into recovery as quickly as possible.

While cocaine withdrawal isn’t as difficult or as defined as detox from other drugs such as heroin, getting help and moving into behavioral therapy and counseling during this crucial stage is an important step to building the foundations for a complete recovery. Our beautiful Orange County detox facility, located in Anaheim, California, is the perfect home-like environment to begin your journey to recovery in dignity and comfort.

Cocaine Withdrawal Timeline

Cocaine typically has a much lower drug withdrawal profile than other drugs, with no real visible symptoms such as tremors or cold and flu symptoms. It’s also relatively safer to withdraw from, because patients are not at risk of seizures. However, it’s still important to receive appropriate monitoring and psychological support during the withdrawal process. Users who combine cocaine with other drugs such as heroin, amphetamines, or procaine will experience vastly different withdrawal symptoms. A small percentage of cocaine users will experience significantly stronger symptoms.

24-72 Hours

Withdrawal symptoms will typically kick in after the first day, when most users will feel depressed, anxious, irritable, and hungry. Many struggle with insomnia and may feel disoriented and confused. This stage typically lasts up to 3 days after the final dose. Strong cravings are extremely common during this stage.

Day 3-7

Symptoms begin to worsen after the first 3-4 days, with cravings typically beginning to recede. Most users experience anxiety, apathy or an inability to feel, depression, general malaise, irritability, and paranoia.

Day 7+

Most cravings will begin to recede but can still go up and down. Normal withdrawal symptoms will decrease as well. Most will experience some agitation, restless sleep, and hunger for the first two weeks after the final dose of cocaine, with varying cycles of cravings. Here, most users are at their highest risk of relapse.

Cocaine Detox at Lighthouse Recovery

Clients in any stage of cocaine withdrawal are at risk of cardiovascular issues as well as mental health problems relating to depression, anxiety, and irritability. Having proper medical monitoring from a licensed nursing staff with a doctor available is crucial to ensuring that you move through detox safely.

Most users also require significant emotional and psychological support. The counselors and licensed therapists at Lighthouse Recovery work with each patient to offer personalized support to build a foundation for future recovery. We know that every patient is different and each person goes to substance abuse for their own unique reasons. That’s why we offer individual care and support to every patient, so you get the best care during detox.

Cocaine addiction harms you and everyone around you. Choosing to get clean is the first step to building a new and better life for yourself. At Lighthouse Recovery, we can ensure that first step is as safe, comfortable, and controlled as possible, so you move into recovery with the best possible outcome for success.

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