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About Our Addiction Treatment Center in Orange County

Lighthouse Treatment Center’s primary purpose is to provide the highest quality of client care in Addiction Treatment services, and provide the tools necessary in achieving long term sobriety for those who struggle with alcohol and drug addictions. Call us today (855) 934-1100

orange county drug addiction rehabOur treatment programs encompass residential levels of care with holistic and psychological therapy techniques to promote healing and overall well being.

Lighthouse Treatment Center employs a handpicked group of professionals who truly care about long term recovery by promoting a strong foundation for a lifetime free from drugs and alcohol.

We believe that happiness and freedom can be experienced through the process of recovery and physical sobriety. We believe that every individual is deserving of a new beginning and a chance at living a better life. We demonstrate our commitment to this belief through our variety of treatment options.

We Inspire and Promote self-empowerment, personal growth, positive choices, individual responsibility and healthy relationships in sobriety.


How We Have Helped Over 20,000 People Recover

Detoxification: Learn how our Orange County detox is fully equipped to handle the most difficult detox processes. We are licensed and accredited by the State of California to offer clinically assisted detox, with an addiction-certified doctor specializing in substance abuse, to evaluate and determine a safe detox protocol that’s right for each individual.

lighthouse-treatment-center-about-us-page-image-of-man-in-addiction-treatmentAddiction Recovery: Our counselors and therapists facilitate all of our group and individual therapy. We utilize cognitive behavioral therapy as well as motivational interviewing and solution therapy. We conduct a psycho-social assessment during each intake helping to create an individualized addiction treatment plan that will treat the individual’s specific addiction, anxiety, depression and negative thinking patterns.

Relapse Prevention: We implement an extensive relapse prevention education program, which will help determine personal triggers and warning signs and provide you with new tools to use in those situations rather than picking up that drink or drug and repeating history.

orange county drug rehab kitchen with foodExercise, Food and Nutrition: Lighthouse Treatment Center provides 3 meals daily, prepared by a professional chef with access to a fully stocked kitchen. Clients are encouraged to use the gym for 2 hours available 7 days per week (after detox treatment is complete), giving them access to a large assortment of weight equipment, aerobic exercise machines and classes as well as a pool/sauna. Lighthouse knows how crucial it is, to get natural endorphins circulating, helping clients feel good much faster than without resorting to alcohol and drug use.

lighthouse-treatment-center-about-us-page-image-women-in-addiction-treatment-groupSocial and 12 Step Program: Sometimes after discontinuing use of drugs and alcohol, clients will experience social anxiety. Our programs are designed to help with the process of integrating back into a social life through an introduction to the 12 Steps. It’s not unusual for clients to believe it’s not possible to have fun in sobriety. However, we practice having fun on weekends to get in the habit of having fun in sobriety.

lighthouse orange county rehab tranquility fountainHolistic component: Our residential treatment program incorporates art, music, yoga and meditation therapies which give you the appropriate tools needed to help self-regulate emotions and find passion in enjoyable activities, rather than using alcohol and drugs.

Alumni Program: We offer a complimentary membership in our lifelong alumni program. We host weekly alumni meetings as well as provide opportunities to participate in monthly group outings on weekends, introducing clients to what sober fun really looks like. Examples are ball games, plays, dinner and boat rides.

Each client at Lighthouse Treatment Center is treated with respect and encouraged in the highest, most supportive way.

It is a proven fact that if ACTION is not taken within 72 hours of seeking addiction help for an individual to get sober, that there will be NO ACTION taken at all–

The Treatment Campus: Lighthouse Treatment Center facilities are modern and spacious, and offer comfortable accommodations that make the process of alcohol rehab or drug rehab less stressful. All of our Orange County drug and alcohol treatment programs are located on our Orange County addiction treatment campus-like facilities, where you or your loved one will find relief from alcoholism or drug addiction.

Feel free to fill out our online form to verify your insurance. You can also fill out the form on our financing page to begin the easy process of applying for financing help. We hope to hear from you, and someone is always available to provide the help that you or your loved one requires. Call Lighthouse Treatment Center at 855-934-1100 today!