Couples Drug Rehab

Get Sober 2gether with Lighthouse Addiction Treatment

Maintaining a strong relationship is not easy. It takes commitment, patience, hard work and most of all, love. It’s a conscious choice that two people make together if they want to be in it for the long run.

They have to overcome so many challenges that may come their way such as trust issues, infidelity, financial strains, time management, and one of the most challenging of all, addiction. One partner suffering from addiction is tough enough, but when both partners are fighting the same battle, the road to recovery becomes a much bumpier journey.

The Lighthouse understands that couples struggling to overcome substance abuse face a unique set of challenges.


Addiction puts couples in a dark and difficult place where they might feel that they’re only bringing each other down, breaking them further apart, and ruining any chance of being in a healthy and thriving relationship. This is the reason why we launched the Sober 2gether Couples Recovery Program by Lighthouse.

The Sober 2gether program is tailor-made to address what couples with substance abuse issues are going through. We initially focus on individual recovery by combining specialized therapies and other evidence-based treatment options for every couple entering the Lighthouse.

At the same time, we recognize that couples also have to be treated together and their issues have to be resolved as one unit. We incorporate joint therapy sessions that could help them in resolving their present issues as well as in supporting each other in recovery. We also introduce the couples to new activities that they can both enjoy and look forward to in recovery.


What are the advantages of being in the Sober 2gether recovery program?

Couples Drug RehabWhen couples make a decision towards sobriety, the process can be very challenging. It is not uncommon for couples to grow apart especially if they enter separate rehabilitation facilities. Being in different, independent programs may resolve the individual issues of each partner but it often fails to address the couples as a single unit and nurture the role of both partners in each other’s recovery.

By entering the same recovery program, the Lighthouse utilizes a unique approach by making sure both partners share the same timeline and go through the same process as they work towards sobriety. When both partners share the same knowledge and process, this could lower the chances of relapse as misunderstandings are lessened.

How often do I get to see or talk to my partner?

Couples Drug RehabWhile the couples are under the same recovery program, the Lighthouse enforces a 14-day blackout (for all clients) wherein couples are discouraged to see each other, as well as their family members outside the center. This stage in the recovery process is essential in order to address the individual issues of each person.

After this blackout, the couples will typically be allowed to see each other once a week and during their joint therapy sessions – as approved by the clinical team. Letters and phone calls will also be allowed after the blackout period.

Can we share the same room as a couple?

Couples entering the Sober 2gether program are separated and will have to reside in different parts of the rehabilitation facility in order to adhere to the gender specific rehabilitation environments provided by Lighthouse to all clients, but they are both in the same campus. During visitation times, the couples can spend time with each other under supervision.

Will my partner be present for all my therapies?

Partners will only be present during joint therapy sessions and both partners must consent to these sessions. The goal of these sessions is to address existing issues as well as find ways on how the couple can help each other in attaining an addiction-free life after rehab.

How is this different from just entering the same rehab?

When someone enters a rehab as an individual, this person will usually be treated as an individual patient. The focus will be on this person’s recovery alone. With the Sober 2gether program, we recognize the need for couples to sort out their issues and their role in each other’s struggles.