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Close to Home or Far Away? -Choosing a Rehab

July 25, 2017 - - 0 Comments

lighthousetreatment-close-to-home-or-far-away-choosing-a-rehab-article-photo-of-young-man-standing-on-a-balcony-outdoor-overlooking-424204705 Choosing to go to rehab is a big step, whether you’re planning for yourself or for a loved one, and it isn’t something that should be done lightly. Every choice you make can affect the eventual outcome of the treatment, so researching every decision and making the best choice for the addict’s needs is the best thing you can do. One of the biggest concerns for many people is location. Where should you, or your loved one, attend? Close to home or far away?

While there are numerous pros and cons of each choice, most people find that the right answer depends on them, their circumstances, and the availability of rehabilitation facilities.

The Best Location Depends on Circumstances

Every person is different and the reasons and motivations for them seeking out rehab are also very different. Reviewing personal information and preferences can help you to make a better choice. If you have a family therapist, you can ask their advice as well, although this may not be necessary.

When You Should Attend Remote Rehab

Traveling to another town, city, or state can seem daunting, especially if it will involve going there to change, but change is often encouraged by new locations and surroundings. Many people choose remote locations or out of state rehab facilities for this and other reasons.

Confidentiality Concerns – Most people are very concerned about confidentiality, and this can be difficult to achieve when attending a local rehab center. For example, if you live in a small town, everyone knows everyone and they know where you are. Attending a local rehab center leaves no doubt in anyone’s mind as to where you are or that you were seeking out treatment. Many people avoid these kinds of situations because it can be pressuring and can make it difficult to escape judgement or to feel good about attending rehab. This is especially important for people who might lose their job or who need confidentiality to protect their reputation. For others, confidentiality is not as important. Some people are motivated and inspired by seeing their friends and getting support during their recovery.

Local Addicts – In an environment where almost everyone you know is an addict, getting clean or going to rehab might not be helpful. Addicts who have family members and friends who are addicted or users as well should seek out inpatient rehab at the least, but attending further away from home will remove the references and triggering locations or people until after the treatment is over. Attending a rehabilitation facility further away from home and then moving into a halfway or sober house to readjust after treatment can help to account for friends and family members being users. On the other hand, if local friends and areas will have a positive impact, it may be better to attend a local facility.

Stress at Home – If the home environment is very stressful, family relationships are tenuous, or local areas are stressful, attending a remote facility is the best choice. Getting away from a stressful environment allows the addict to focus on their recovery without distractions, so that they can learn and improve without having to fight stress without their normal coping mechanism (drugs or alcohol).

lighthousetreatment-close-to-home-or-far-away-choosing-a-rehab-article-photo-photo-small-support-group-praying-together-after-session-676406623Reasons to Attend a Local Rehab Facility

There are plenty of reasons to attend a local facility including family support, family therapy, and aftercare. The stronger the family bond, the more likely it is that a local facility is a better choice.

Family Support – If local family members are very supportive, the addicted person needs a great deal of support to go into rehab, or to get through it. People with very strong relationships with their family, who will be receiving care from their family, should likely attend facilities near to their family. This makes family visitation more possible and enables the family to support the person going through recovery, before, during, and after treatment. Here, it is crucial that no other family members be using, that the family be willing to work towards recovery as a whole, and everyone have the time and motivation to commit to supporting the recovering addict.

Family TherapyFamily therapy is an increasingly common element of treatment, and it involves rebuilding trust and relationships inside of the family. While it can be carried out if the family lives further away, living nearby naturally makes it easy to attend weekly or biweekly therapy sessions. If family therapy is a goal or part of the treatment, the nearer the treatment facility, the easier it will be. If family will possibly be a distraction, a trigger, or negative influence, you should not seek out local rehabilitation.

Local Aftercare – Everyone needs aftercare after they exit rehabilitation, and attending an out of state clinic can be upsetting for some if they are going to transition back to receiving checkups and care from a local facility. Persons who are going through rehab the first time or who have a strong motivation to get clean or sober typically require significantly less aftercare, which makes this less important.

Outpatient Care – If you intend to seek outpatient care, a local solution is almost always best. This will allow you to continue to attend the rehabilitation facility without traveling a great deal every day.

Other Considerations

There are plenty of other reasons that you might want to attend one facility or another, but the largest often comes down to cost and availability.

Insurance – If you have insurance that is willing to contribute towards the cost of recovery, which facilities do they support. Are they willing to pay for an out of county or even out of state option? How much will they contribute? Discuss your options with insurance before making decisions to determine the financial feasibility of attending rehab. While the recovering addict’s mental health should always come first, cost may be a concern.

Availability of Rehab Facilities – Unfortunately, some areas simply don’t have enough rehab facilities to make choosing a local treatment center possible. If you don’t have any nearby facilities that offer the kind of quality care you want or need, you won’t be able to attend locally. Not every rehab facility offers licensed staff, therapy, or training to help attendees learn coping skills and it is important that you seek out one that does.

Making the Right Choice

There is no one right choice for everyone and making the right choice often depends on the person who is seeking treatment.

lighthousetreatment-close-to-home-or-far-away-choosing-a-rehab-article-photo-young-blonde-woman-thinking-492416842Consider asking or asking the person who will be attending rehab the following questions:

  • Do you want family to be a part of rehab?
  • How do you feel about seeing family members during your recovery?
  • What about friends? Do you want them to know?
  • Are your friends using?
  • Are there any local things that could positively or negatively influence you in your recovery?
  • Will being close to home make it easier to leave rehab or will getting away help?
  • Is privacy a concern for you?
  • Do you need to remain in contact with your rehabilitation center after you leave?
  • Is insurance a factor?

If the person is unavailable to answer these questions, you can answer them for them, keeping their best interests and likely answers in mind.

Taking the time to research the right rehabilitation center can improve the treatment and the effects of the treatment, because it helps the person in recovery to get what they need. No matter what the considerations, the end goal is always to ensure that the person going into treatment has a solution that is ideal for them so that they can focus on recovery.

Good luck making your choice.

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