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Detox Program

Southern California Detox Program

Lighthouse Treatment Center offers a comfortable social model detox environment in a home-like setting. Our Ambulatory Detox facility is located on our Residential Campus in Anaheim, California, near Disneyland and just a short drive from the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful Orange County beaches.


We employ dedicated and professionally trained staff to help make your detox as comfortable as possible. At our Orange County Drug and Alcohol Detox Center we care about our clients’ comfort and take appropriate measures to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible.

Our clients come to us for help with a physical dependency on drugs and or alcohol. Many times they are in a state of medical and emotional crisis. We have medical staff resources available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including 24 hour nursing for detox.

We often treat clients who need to take time off of work and keep their stay with us completely confidential, so they can return to their jobs once their detox program has been completed, healthy, refreshed and ready to live a life free of addiction.

We understand that many substance abusers don’t have the time to complete an entire 28-90 day length of treatment. Lighthouse offers an ambulatory detox program consisting of a 3-10 day stay, allowing you to return to work or other life and economic responsibilities as soon as you complete the program and are medically cleared by our Doctor.

Detoxing off of drugs or alcohol can be an uncomfortable process. We take substance abuse very seriously. With our physician’s medical expertise and supervision, we have become experts in the substance abuse treatment field; allowing you to complete the detox process in as little as 3 days duration, depending upon your drug use history. Our client’s comfort is our top priority and we are committed to make your stay with us a pleasant one.

Video – What Can I Expect In Detox?

Detox Supervisor Gia Bothwell discusses our medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program, and what a client can expect during the detox process.

Our Southern California Detox Program provides a safe and comfortable process for detox from drug addiction or alcoholism, located in our Orange County Drug and Alcohol Detox Center.


Detoxing from substance abuse is a necessary first step towards a successful recovery and sober life. It allows the body to regain it’s previous functionality and health to facilitate changes in the mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of an individual’s life.

Sleep patterns return to normal, nutrition is enhanced, blood pressure is improved or back to normal, and clarity of focus and mental alertness are regained. Contact Us Now and speak with one of our trained intake advisors about starting your detox today.

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